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Is the way we explore, understand, celebrate the world. Dove Tales, the Association of Artists for Peace, is a charity born of that need to understand and deal with the unstable world we live in, a world where:

  • Posturing leaders like Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un can play Russian roulette with our lives by brandishing their nuclear weapons at each other 

  • $1690 BILLION goes annually on military spending and only $28 billion on humanitarian aid

  • 22 people enjoying a concert in Manchester died because a young man was swayed by listening to words of hate, not of love.

Now Scottish writers, musicians, painters, performers, dancers, film-makers, artists of all kinds, are joining together to try and bridge the gaps between people and to ask hard questions of those in our society who try to make money from other people's misery.


You don't have to practise the arts to join us, simply to enjoy them.

Dove Tales is a member driven organisation. We aim to be completely transparent in our operation and to involve our members in all our campaigning work and events.

         STOP PRESS

FIGHT OR FLIGHT, our event at the Scotia Bar tomorrow night, has been cancelled. 


If you would like to contribute to our blog, our freedom of expression page or our books, please contact Jean Rafferty:


Mobile: 07881-304-729

Our work involves travel, paying for publishing costs, and various other expenses. None of the money we raise is wasted. If you would like to fund our work please 


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Our task as [humans] is to find the few principles that will calm the infinite anguish of free souls. We must mend what has been torn apart, make justice imaginable again in a world so obviously unjust, give happiness a meaning once more to peoples poisoned by the misery of the century.

                     Albert Camus, 1940

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