Both Sides Now

If Abe Lincoln came back to life he'd lose. The American people I have made great again are fed up of this down home Honky Tonk crew Trash from shithole counties disregarding our flag, the national anthem there's blame on both sides now and my wife says I really don't care, do you? So I'll build a wall, mark my words and I'll make it strong it will be very very long, let's see what we can do. I have often been a prophet, the Mexican's laughter was uproarious, but they will be laughing the other side of their face. They're animals anyway and my wife says I really don't care, do you? Now we're rounding them up in a very nice way. I know it doesn't sound nice, The cages are for their own protec

To Settle

To Settle He’s young A boy, really Sweat makes the fabric cling To muscles It could be that his torso is strapped With explosives Or that he worries About food He greets a merchant He knows well Produce, ready And restored cell phones Within a plastic container Beneath the peaches (If you know to ask) On blind streets Rifles Weigh upon the shoulders Of mere boys Uniforms present them In some grave motley For which they lack the jest Smoking In a sliver of shade Beneath the Staring sun From a relative silence Missiles are invoked The light of the sun too close And the impenetrable Dust cloud Takes a lifespan To settle Desmond Rutherford is an educator, poet, runner, musician, and artist. He h

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