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morelle smith

Morelle Smith writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and journalism. She has worked in the Balkans as English teacher and aid worker. She has enjoyed several Writers Residencies in France, Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia. She has won awards and prizes for her poetry (Audience Award, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2014) and prose (Autumn Voices, UK, 2017) and her work has been translated into several languages including French, German, Albanian, Romanian, Croatian, and Bulgarian.


She currently collaborates with European writers, translating and editing their work.  Her most recent books are Shaping the Water Path (poetry collection, diehard, UK, 2017) and The Midnight Man (bi-lingual novella, Biblioteca Universalis, Bucharest, 2018).








Her novel about the Swiss writer and traveller Annemarie Schwarzenbach, The Buoyancy of the Craft, will be published in 2021 by Diehard Books.

If you would like to learn more about Morelle Smith's work please visit her websites: 


Twitter: @MorelleSullivan

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