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Anne Dunford

Look at me

look at my eyes

what do you see?

I am strong

I won’t give up hope

all Afghan women must have hope

we want our freedom back

we want to go out on our own

go out without brothers or fathers

we want to go out to work

not just work at home

they make excuses - we wait

we study whatever we can

we hope for more education

they make more excuses - we wait

we don’t give up

look at me

look at my eyes

what do you see?

I am strong believe me

Anne Dunford's poems have been published in various poetry magazines and anthologies including Dawntreader and Southlight, also on Poetry Scotland’s website Open Mouse and StAnza’s poetry map of Scotland. She read from her illustrated collection of poems ‘From the Mountains to the Sea’ at the 2021 Big Lit in Gatehouse and was also commissioned to write a poem for the 2021 Wigtown Book Festival’s ‘Hello Stranger’.


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