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david pratt


David Pratt spent time with Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet invashion of Afghanistan and has visited the country many times.

In the picture above, guerrilla fighters emerge from cover after a Soviet air strike on their position.

To read more about David's time in Afghanistan, read Vicky Allan's interview with him in The Herald:


DEATH is everywhere in Raqqa. Sometimes it lurks beneath the mountains of bomb-blasted rubble and pancaked buildings. Other times it peeks out from beneath the earth in the form of bones, hair and decomposing flesh the colour and texture of ancient dried parchment...

To read the rest of David Pratt's evocative description follow the link below:


Photojournalist David Pratt has spent almost forty years capturing indelible images of global conflicts. His career has taken him from Somalia and Syria to Colombia and Croatia.


He has retained a special affection for Afghanistan, a country he has visited through decades of changing fortunes stretching from the height of the Soviet invasion in the 1980s through the years of the mujahideen and the rise of the Taliban.


In 2019 he returned to the places and people that meant so much to him in an acclaimed documentary, Pictures from Afghanistan.

All photos © David Pratt

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