poems for peace

Our Poems for Peace online project was born of Covid 19, one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic.


All our Dove Tales events for the next few months have been cancelled, but we think it's really important in a time of crisis to remember the things which are important.


Below you'll see six fantastic images by three great photographers. Angela Catlin, Ray Evans and David Pratt have all contributed in the past to Dove Tales events and website.


We asked poets and writers to respond to these powerful images and the following pages are the result of that.


Click on each image to see a larger version of the image and to visit the photographer's page, where you'll find a fuller explanation to the background of each image.

You'll find links there to the poems and stories inspired by these powerful photographs.

All photographs are the copyright of our photographers. They're fantastic pictures and if you would like prints of the images, click on the photographer's page and find out how to order them.

We would like to say a special thank you to Aaron Bailey, our Communications Assistant, who has put together these pages.

© Angela Catlin
Tens of thousands of civilians fled Mosul and the surrounding villages and towns in 2017, after most of the infrastructure, including the hospitals, had been destroyed. At the Iraq/Kurdistan border refugees waited for buses to take them onwards to the safety of displacement camps in Kurdistan.
© Angela Catlin
Most refugees fleeing Mosul in 2017 had arrived on foot carrying what little they could, their past lives both a memory and a nightmare.
© Ray Evans
Images from a packed anti-war demo in George Square, Glasgow, addressed by Nicola Sturgeon.
© Ray Evans
A refugee begs in a Glasgow street as the great jaws of capitalism menace her.
© David Pratt
Firemen from the Civil Defence League uncovering a mass grave in a park in Raqqa's city centre.
© David Pratt
Guerrilla fighters emerge from cover after a Soviet air strike on their position
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