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Harrison Hickman is one of the most prolific young writers working in Scotland.

He is the author of a fantasy trilogy, Blood of the Surreal Stars, a collection of short stories (I Remember) and his most recent novel, The Lost Brotherhood, available from Amazon.

Twenty-four Brotherhoods once kept the world safe from harm. All but one fell to dust. Disgraced soldier Benedict Nettlefold serves the last surviving Brotherhood, the Epsilons, who keep order through fear. When the Omega Brotherhood, once thought long gone, suddenly resurfaces, Benedict is dispatched on a mission to a remote Pacific island to put them down. Also on the mission is the man who destroyed his career and left his life in ruins. Arriving on the island, he finds something that could wipe out the Epsilon Brotherhood. But whose side will he take?

If you would like to learn more about Harrison Hickman and his work, please visit his web pages:

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