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I was asked recently about this image, which is already on the Dove Tales website.

The image says everything I want to say about the subject...The question was, Do you have any moral issues regarding the taking of such an photo? 

My answer was no... for me it's point and shoot. It's not that I don't feel anything. Indeed I'm not sure I could engage with the world if I was devoid of emotion or thought.

But get the image, ask questions later. Put aside all references to someone else's code, there's no time for posturing. You literally have less than a second, if you're lucky, so any momentary loss of focus will create nothing of any worth.

Biarns not Bombs.jpg

I've been in photography for as long as I can remember. Probably from school days.

It's changed a lot over the last twenty years or so with the advance of digital. However I remain a film photographer with ancient Leica's, one dating back to 1939 which is still good as new... and a couple of SLRs I use for immediate work such as rallies and demos.

This was the Bairns Not Bombs anti-war demo in Glasgow a few years back...Nicola Sturgeon spoke..very good demo..George Square was crammed...

Ray Evans is a fine photographer who has many images on the Dove Tales website.


He is also a poet  whose work has appeared in many anthologies.


He has two published collections of poetry, and a third will be published in 2020 by Fireopal Books.

He has covered many demonstrations, from Indyref in Scotland to the climate change protests in London in 2019.


All photos © Ray Evans

To order prints please email Ray on:

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