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Dove Tales was formed in Glasgow in 2017, when it seemed as if the world had become more unstable than at any time since the Second World War and the social upheaval of the 1960's. 

Since then things have become no better. The UN estimates that 270 million people will face acute food poverty this year, there are 26 million refugees either on the move or in settlement camps, and the gaps between those who have and have not, those who believe and who don't, have become wider than ever.

Dove Tales seeks to bridge those gaps, to open up discussion, to use art to reach people and to heal.


1) To oppose the arms trade and weapons of all kinds, including nuclear weapons.

2) To challenge the place of war in our society and our philosophy. We believe that war is as damaging to those who inflict it as to those are its victims.

3) To advocate dialogue and humanitarian action instead of military action.

4) Through art to build better understanding of differences between cultures and religions, to promote cultural exchanges between countries, and to increase tolerance and understanding in order to lessen the possibility of war.

5) To care for the victims of war. We include the military people who implement it as well as those who suffer it.

6) To oppose state repression of freedom of expression in the name of security.

7) To increase understanding of and work to counter the root causes of violence.


8) To pledge that the only weapons we use will be words and music and images and movement, art in all its forms; that we bring love, not hate; that the only war we will fight is for peace. 


wHat we offer our            members

Every member can choose to have their own page. This is a valuable asset for people who don't have their own websites as our web pages score highly on Google.


We provide a platform for people's creative work, whether it's poetry or music or art or photography.  

Every month we post a new blog; we have a youtube channel for your songs and films; we hold events and travel to festivals; and we publish anthologies of your work.

If you aren't able to join us but would like to support our work, please



                                       The four famines


The terrible irony is that all the needed food and water to tackle this impending catastrophe exist even within these hard-hit countries. But armed conflict that is often created by personal rivalries between a few men turns life upside down for millions, destroying markets and causing the price of necessities to rocket.


                                  David Pratt, Sunday Herald


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