The first in our series of Zoom Interviews is up on our youtube channel now.


Alexis Krikorian, co-founder of Armenian campaigning charity, Hyestart, joined us from Geneva to talk about the situation in Nagorno- Karabakh.

The conflict has been under-reported in the UK and this is an opportunity to learn about something you might not otherwise know about.

       anti-nuclear voices

        an online project

      deadline 7th january

On 22nd January the UN's Treaty on the Proliferation of Nuclear weapons, banning the use of nuclear weapons, will come into force as international law. 

Dove Tales is celebrating this milestone with an online project.

So please, send us your poems, prose, songs, and art on the subject of the bomb and nuclear weapons.

Poems up to 60 lines. 
Prose: Maximum word count 1500.
Songs, no more than six verses plus chorus.
Artwork: Black and white please. Photography also welcome.

The songs will go up on our youtube channel.

We are considering doing a pamphlet after the project has been published.

Send your submissions to

Deadline 7th January 2021

We are happy to use work that has been published before but prefer work which has not been published before by Dove Tales.

Thank you. We're looking forward to receiving your work.

Image courtesy of Geralt, Pixabay

If you don't feel you can join us but would like to support our work please


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On the eve of our project going online we will be holding an event featuring contributions.

Join us for a great evening of poetry and music on zoom.

zoom event, 7pm, thursday   

    21st january 2021