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stepHen smellie

Stephen Smellie is a union activist who has worked with his UNISON branch to engage union members through the use of the arts. 

He worked with song writers in Lanarkshire to produce a CD of songs about the Spanish Civil War; helped stage and promote plays in his local miners' welfare, reflecting issues of trade unionism and challenging injustice; organised author events in local libraries; helped raise funds for the new film Nae Pasaran, about Scottish workers taking action against dictatorship in Chile; and organises an annual event at New Lanark for UNISON members which included performances by singers and musicians.

Stephen is also involved with the Kurdish solidarity movement through Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan.

If you would like to learn more about Stephen Smellie and his work please visit his websites:

  • Stephen Smellie Twitter
  • Stephen Smellie Facebook page
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