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COLin christopher cairns

Colin Christopher Cairns is a writer and teacher of English language and literature, currently working in Oman.

His poetry short stories and essays are, for the most part, thematically linked to the human condition - in all of the various guises this takes within social, philosophical, cultural and political fields.

His poetry ranges from short to extended poems. The extended poem, A History of Feeling: Dreams and Nightmares, was completed in 2017 and a more recent work, Last Beer in Buenos Aires, was finished in 2018 - both simultaneously projecting elements of the macro and the micro in spheres of human existence.

These two substantial poems explore such diverse themes as social and cultural fragmentation, identity and isolation of the individual in society, the cult of war, power and politics, and the systematic abuse of common people by elected governments. His shorter poems cover themes such as nature, love and the importance of children - and the pain experienced by their absence in one's life.

If you would like to read more about Colin Cairns and his work please visit his websites:

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I sing to fill
the silence rising in
you! A silence
that stones to death
the voice of the nations

       Colin Christopher Cairns

        The Fortitude of Poetry

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