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Tom Hubbard

Tom Hubbard's latest book, Slavonic Dances, is a sequence of three linked novellas which explore the comic and tragic implications of encounters by Scottish characters with matters of eastern and east-central Europe.


When you read this lovely, many-voiced book, travelling with it across borders and back through generations, you will find that you enter into a very various company. From the Preface by DAVID BETTERIDGE.

There is much in the way of literary craftsmanship in these contrasting stories, and a deceptive delicacy in their telling. Simplicity of language belies both considerable skill and sensibility in the telling. Hubbard’s poetic abilities, although clearly deployed, never obtrude on his gifts as a storyteller, nor does he lose sight of his central purpose at any point. BILL DUNLOP, 

All three stories, then, focus on Scotland, on Scottishness, on Scottish attitudes and values – but all in a European context. It is almost as though, in the post-Brexit world overtaking us, Hubbard has determined to write a book demonstrating just how typically Scottish and European lives are intertwined. Tom Hubbard is a literary exemplar of the connection between Scotland and Europe. No surprise then to find in the text of these stories a wealth of allusions – some familiar, some much less so – to the literary and musical culture of Europe. [The stories’] ambivalent endings do carry emotional conviction. And the narratives of the stories’ protagonists appeal because of the complexities in both their characters and their lives.’ANDREW HOOK, Scottish Review.  

Tom is a Scottish novelist, poet and itinerant scholar who has worked in many countries. His permanent home is in his native Fife. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Budapest, Connecticut (where he was Lynn Wood Neag Distinguished Visiting Professor of Scottish Literature in 2011) and Grenoble (as Professeur invité), and Writer in Residence at the Château de Lavigny in Switzerland. 

Slavonic Dances was published by Grace Note Publications in February 2017.

Tom Hubbard's new collection, The Flechitorium, Ballads, Gaitherins, a Legend and a Tale from the fowk’s Republic of Fife, will be published by Grace Note Publications on 30th September.

Tom Hubbard will be appearing at the CCA in Glasgow at 7pm, Tuesday 16th January reading from Slavonic Dances.

If you would like to learn more about Tom Hubbard and his work, visit his websites:

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