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Robin Lloyd-Jones

Robin Lloyd-Jones writes novels (teenage and adult), short stories, radio drama and non-fiction.

His most recent book, The Sweet Especial Scene, published by Two Ravens Press in 2014is an anthology of Robin's writing on landscapes and seascapes.

It feels like the whole of humanity and its story honed down into one crafted volume dealing not only with the joy of being on the move, the joy of the natural world but with the joy at the core of the human spirit. Quite simply it makes you feel good.

Jan Pester, film-maker and poet on The Sweet Especial Scene, 2014.

Robin's previous book, The Sunlit Summit, a biography of Scotland's mountaineer philosopher, WH Murray, won the 2013 Saltire Society Research Book of the Year Award.

In fact Robin has won awards for his work at least once in every decade since the 1980s and two of his novels have been entered for the Booker Prize. 

Robin is currently working on his Autumn Voices project, interviewing Scottish writers over the age of 70. He is also planning a biography of Larry Butler.

To find out more about Robin's work, have a look at his website:

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