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Allan Cameron is poet, novelist, publisher and the translator of 23 books.

His latest novel, Cinico, published by Vagabond Voices, follows the adventures of a cynical Italian journalist covering the Scottish independence referendum. Perceptive and funny, the book's internationalism and warmth reveal the many incongruities of the Scots' attitudes.

Allan Cameron’s modern Candide, an Italian journalist, whirls back and forth across the dark landscape of Scotland’s 2014 independence referendum like a shoogly meteor. Sometimes his cynical, witty comments light up the dark corners of Yes thinking, sometimes the sullen assumptions of the Better Together campaign. He meets and hears a score of fascinating characters with their own opinions, most of them foreigners making their own effort to understand the country. Towards the end, the fictional Italian writes down some of the wisest and most moving comments to be found on the epiphany of those amazing months. Neal Ascherson.

Allan Cameron's Vagabond Voices was shortlisted for the Saltire Society Publisher of the Year for 2017.

To read more about Allan Cameron and his work, visit his website:

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We are the stories we tell ourselves.

       Allan Cameron, The Berlusconi Bonus

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