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Members are in alphabetical order by surname. Scroll down from A to Z.
Peter A

Peter A, poet and writer

David Betteridge

David Betteridge, poet

Adam Pellant

Adam Pellant, singer songwriter

Vivien Jones

Vivien Jones, poet

Jim Aitken

Jim Aitken, poet and dramatist

Simon Berry

Simon Berry, poet and interviewer

Lesley Benzie

Lesley Benzie is a poet who often writes in her native Aberdeenshire vernacular.

Frank Bogie

Frank Bogie, musician and writer

pauline bradley

Pauline Bradley, musician and singer songwriter

Charlotte Brayley, artist

Charlotte Brayley Artist and illustrator

Butler, Larry

Larry Butler, poet, Tai Chi instructor, workshop facilitator

colin christopher cairns

Colin Christopher Cairns, writer and teacher of English language and literature

Allan Cameron Vagabond Voices

Allan Cameron Novelist, translator, publisher

Regi Claire Regi Claire © Dawn Marie

Regi Claire, novelist, short fiction writer, poet, creative writing and critical reading tutor

A.C. Clarke

A.C.Clarke Poet and translator

peter clive

Dr Peter Clive, poet, composer, scientist working in renewable energy sector

John Colles

John Colles, artist

Anne Connolly

Anne Connolly is an Irish poet long settled in Scotland. She is a former Chair and Makar (2014) of the Federation of Writers Scotland.

Mary Craig

Mary Craig, writer and historian

chik duncan

Chik J Duncan is a writer, storyteller and performer of poyums.


Anne Dunford, poet and playwright


Margaret Elphinstone is a novelist, essayist and climate change activist.

Ray Evans poet photographer

Ray Evans Poet and photographer

Jim Ewing

Jim Ewing Poet

jen gray

Jen Gray has had work published online and in print, most recently in Janet Paisley: Growing and Dying, edited by Linda Jackson, and in Postbox Magazine, edited by Colin Will.


Charlie Gracie, poet and creative writing workshop facilitator.

Stephanie Green by Mark Harding

Stephanie Green is a poet, novelist and dance reviewer.

Paddy Hanrahan

Paddy Hanrahan Storyteller, writer

Gordon Graham aka Josef Llama

Gordon Graham aka Josef Llama Musician, singer songwriter

Harrison Hickman

Harrison Hickman, Novelist, short story writer

Tom Hubbard by Roddy Simpson

Tom Hubbard Novelist, poet, bibliographer

linda jackson

Linda Jackson, writer, singer, publisher

Juliette Lee

Juliette Lee is a former chemicalengineer turned coach and poet.

Jan Little

Jan Little is our one Florida member. She is a retired English instructor/journalist who writes poetry, short stories, and a fantasy series.

Robin Lloyd-Jones author lecturer

Robin Lloyd-Jones Author, dramatist, lecturer

maria marchidanu

Maria Marchidanu, writer, editor of anthology, You Don't Look British

Mary McCabe

Mary McCabe, novelist, poet


Ashby McGowan, peace poet

Gwen McKerrell

Gwen McKerrell Writer, Mill Girl poet, counsellor at Thrive West of Scotland

Andrew McNeil

Andrew McNeil is a writer and poet who lives in Fife.

kriss nichol

Kriss Nichol, novelist and poet

Liz Niven poet writer Scots

Liz Niven Poet and writer, Scots language scholar

Joseph Peach musician writer Tannara

Joseph Peach Musician, composer, writer

Jean Rafferty novelist journalist

Jean Rafferty Writer of fiction, journalism

Mary Rafferty Chameleon Ceramics

Mary Rafferty Potter, Chameleon Ceramics

Rose Fraser Ritchie

Rose Ritchie, poetry and spoken word. Community poetry at Thistle Scribblers in Craigmillar.

james robertson

James Robertson, novelist, poet, editor. Saltire Society award winner.

Colin Rutherford

Colin Rutherford, poet

Chrys Salt poet Bakehouse Gatehouse

Chrys Salt, MBE, Poet, writer, actor, director, Big Lit Festival

Hamish Scott

Hamish Scott Poet, novelist, publisher Laverock's Nest Press

stephen smellie unison

Stephen Smellie, union official, supporter of the Kurdish people, and arts activist.


Morelle Smith, writer of poetry, fiction, and journalism.

Martin Stepek

Martin Stepek is a poet, teacher and author on mindfulness, and an artist.

gerda stevenson

Gerda Stevenson, actress, director, writer, singer.

Lesley Traynor poet Fierce Women

Lesley Traynor Poet, novelist, spoken word performer

Mary Catherine Wells

Mary Wells Embroiderer, tutor at Tantalising Textiles

Arthur West

Arthur West is a Scottish CND and union activist.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power then the world will know peace.

                                              Jimi Hendrix

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