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Image by Emmie Norfolk, pixabay


Born free from affiliation

To religion, country or team

Then conditioned, brainwashed and branded

Your humanity torn at the seams.

Follow the drumbeat set by your masters

Be it parent, teacher T.V.

To mould you

To bash you

To break you

Make you all that you’re not meant to be

You grow under the sentence of judgement

Burned by the eyes of blame

Humiliation your doctrine

Chained by the burden of shame.

Blinded by flag and laden with fear

They arm you with hatred and gun

Go spill your guts for their plunder

As you march to the patriots’ drum.

The War Machine

Oiling the wheels of the war machine with the blood of the poor so relentless and mean It just keeps rolling Bombs that drop from way up high released from jets that darken the sky Image by Welcome to all, pixabay

It just keeps rolling. Missiles that reach from faraway lands governed by men with blood on their hands It just keeps rolling Those men that wear suits and talk about God demanding the people wave flags and applaud It just keeps rolling With well oiled wheels the engines won’t cease for the rich know too well there’s no profit in peace So it just keeps rolling.


Rich and powerful people

Acclaimed for wonderful deeds

Now statues in city squares

With traffic cones on their heids.


Michael Pike joined the army at the age of twenty after a turbulent upbringing. He endured the brutal army training, which made him begin to question his belief that being in the military was a proud and honourable calling.

He served in Belfast, where he almost killed a man, something he says would have haunted him for the rest of his life.

In his forties he discovered literature and began writing his own poetry. He is now an anti-war campaigner who has appeared on many platforms.

Dove Tales is extremely grateful for his appearance at our event, War Damage with Aly Renwick. It will be posted on our youtube channel soon.

In the meantime enjoy Michael's alter ego, Spike the Poet, with a blistering performance of his poem, Parade.


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