Hi Ho Hi Ho Trident’s Got to Go

On YouTube a 60’s newsreel. A black and white Dunoon. A smartly dressed Ban the Bomber waves a To Hell with Polaris placard reminding us that H stands for Hiroshima as well as Holy Loch. A lone folkie strums as he marches. Ban Polaris Hallelujah, … and send the Yankees home! The white Ban the Bomb symbol with arms of despair. A young well-dressed Michael Foot behind a well-behaved pipe band playing Scottishy tunes. Onlookers record on Box-Brownies. Fifty years later a red George Square in Glasgow casual dressed campaigners still marching still protesting. A forest of placards pleading Gie Peace a Chance reminding us it’s Bairns Not Bombs reminding us it’s Teachers not Trident just in case it

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