Helen Crawfurd’s Memoirs in Seven Chapters

From 'Quines,' published by Luath Press in 2018. Born Glasgow 1877, died Dunoon, 1954; political activist, suffragette, and Red Clydesider; one of the founders of the Women’s Peace Crusade; also founded the Glasgow branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; a founder member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. 1 A tang of yeast along the street, bread in my father’s bakery, rising like prayers from the dusty hands of aproned bakers, white angels at dawn; in the Bible I like Queen Vashti best – she wouldn’t stand for it: only sixpence to go to the fair, my brothers a shilling each, just for being boys. Damn! I cry, and fling the glittering insult at th

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