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No need to ask

No need to ask if they’re just like us, the Ukrainians.

They’re the same for sure as the Iraqis, crushed

by the bombs of Blair and Bush.

The same as the citizens of Leningrad, freezing

within the steel grip of Hitler, the same

as the millions in Nazi camps and ghettos.

They’re just the same as Indians fleeing Amin

for England’s safety, as unarmed Catholics in Derry

gunned down by British guns.

They’re the same as the Lions led by Donkeys

to the mud of Bougainville, their mothers left

to mourn their beautiful dead, the same as

Russian mothers and Maori mothers and Uyghur mothers.

Ukrainians dead are the same dead as Africans

squeezed into hulls, bound for plantations.

All for the rand or the dollar or the rouble

and the hard-ons the men in charge will get.

No need to ask first appeared on the Poet’s Republic site as part of their ‘In war & peace’ project.

Charlie Gracie is a poet and writer from Baillieston, Glasgow. He now lives on the edge of the Trossachs, north of Stirling. Charlie’s poetry and short fiction have been published in a number of journals and anthologies including New Writing Scotland, Gutter, Chapman, Northwords Now, Cutting Teeth, Pushing Out the Boat and Poetry Scotland.

His novel To Live With What You Are was published by Postbox Press, the literary fiction imprint of Red Squirrel Press, in 2019. It was long listed for the Bath Novel Award that year. He has been listed for a number or literary prizes, including the Bridport Short Story and Poetry Prizes, Cambridge Short Story Prize, Bath Novel award and Fish Poetry Prize.

His first full collection of poetry, Good Morning, was published by Diehard Publishing in September 2010 as

part of the beautiful metallic hardback series, hand-crafted by his publisher Sally Evans and her husband, the book-binder Ian King. A paperback version was printed in 2011 and reprinted in 2015.

His second collection, Tales from the Dartry Mountains, was published by Diehard, in 2020. Before the 2020 COVID lockdown, he had launches at the Allingham Arts Festival in Ballyshannon, County Donegal; the Scottish Writers’ Centre at Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; and Highland Lit, Inverness.


Ukraine will never bow


A color of wheat

And a color of sky

A face of the sun

And the moonlight

Voices of winds

Voices of sparrows


Was overflowing with love

And now is overflowing with blood

Was drawing smiles

And now is drawing the tears

Was planting the delight

And now is planting the sorrows

Pirates of evil

Destroying everything beautiful

They are extracting souls of innocents

Crushing children mercilessly

They are substituting wheat fields by mines fields

They are replacing sparrows voices by voices of guns and rockets

They are replacing voices of winds by voices of warplanes

Between War and Peace




The victory is coming

NO Surrender



Naji Almurisi is a poet who contributed to Dove Tales’ first anthology. In fact we named it after his poem, A Kind of Stupidity.

He studied Economics and Managment at Al-Mustansiriya University in the College of Management and Economics.

He studied Financial Management at Maastricht School of Management and was a financial manager at the Ministry of Finance in Yemen

He lives in Sanaa, Yemen


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