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Watercolour, The Pram, courtesy of Avril Paton

I watch the family push a pram

Down where the sandy shore meets sea,

Letting wee waves lap the wheels

To gently lull their babe to sleep.

Do they not see the ripple of waves

Belch from skulking submarines?

Black bomb barrels on manoevres,

Periscope peeps of evil Nessies

Murky monsters of the deep.

Could they be living in a house

Beside hills stashed with nuclear weapons?

Taking their weans paddling an guddling

By a crumbling nuclear power station?

While city folk sleep in their beds

Oblivious to the rumbling convoys

Of deadly weapons sneaked by night.

What aggressor inflicts this blight on

Our bonnie west coast Riviera?

Happy occasions, laughter, memories

Were snatched from future generations,

Commandeered not volunteered.

At one time families scrimped and saved

Worked half to death just to be able

To take the weans doon the watter

At Glesga Fair - away from all the toil and fug

To fresh clean air and silky waters

On the beautiful Firth of Clyde.

This paradise was seized and trashed,

Poisoned with their nuclear crap

For glory of a dying Empire,

For crowing of self-serving toffs

Swaggering through Westminster halls

Safe and sound from a nuclear arsenal

Dumped with no consideration

Of consequences on population.

Scots’ lives in peril for their defences.

Yet job loss threats were all it took

To keep this family’s votes pro-nuke.

Lorry photo courtesy of Pexels

Mairi Jack is a former journalist and teacher who lives in Glasgow. After too many years steeped in shorthand and academia she now finds happiness in creative writing.

Her work is included in the Edwin Morgan Centenary Collection, Pendemic and Ungagged.

She has recently had both prose and poetry published in new anthology Words from Battlefield, published by Seahorse Publications

To learn more about Mairi Jack please visit her Facebook page:


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